Get to know Our Alumni! (4)

Dr. Awais Piracha


Unexpected good news comes to the Alumni Secretariat. It's from Dr. Awais Piracha, who was a IAS Fellow in 1999.

Dr.PirachaHe has been selected as the winner of the International Award for Excellence in the area of Climate Change: Impacts and Responses.

His paper, Climate Change Impacts in Pakistan: Awareness and Adaptation, was selected by the editors for the award from the ten highest-ranked papers emerging from the referee process and according to the selection criteria outlined in the referee guidelines.

As the winning authors he is invited to present a plenary session at the upcoming Third International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts and Responses to be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil from 21-22 July 2011 where he will be formally presented with the award.

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