Get to know Our Alumni! (3)

Dr. Masudul Hoq Chowdhury

We are happy to introduce that Dr. Masudul Hoq Chowdhury, a member of UNU CDC alumni, won the RID 3280 GOLD MEDAL AWARD 2010-2011, Dr. Masudul Hoq Chowdhurythe Rotary International Foundation for his "Ecological Sanitation: An Intermediate Technology for Environmental Management" activities in Bangladesh.

The award ceremony was held on 16 April, at the Winter Garden Hotel Sheraton, and President of Bangladesh presented in the Ceremony as Chief Guest.


Summary of the Ecosan activities

Access to sanitation facilities is a critical issue, linked as to human health and dignity. It is estimated that over 50 percent rural and 25 percent households in urban Bangladesh have no access to sanitation.figure-eco-toilet

The general objectives of the project is to evolve a model of eco-village in the rural areas of Bangladesh addressing the major environmental problems and to build environment-friendly toilets with new and improved technology.

purpose of ecosan system